Fits 99% of wall mounted toilets in use today, All hardware included, Installs in about 20 minutes, installs without removing toilet, supports a 1000 pound load


To protect the obese public, especially the Bariatric Patient, from injury and embarrassment along with reducing the Patient/Public Safety liabilities for Healthcare and commercial facilities.


We are America’s leader in retrofitting any commercial “Vitreous China” wall mounted toilet with a support. Our toilet support enables an obese person weighing up to 1000 lbs to use the supported toilet without fear of it coming off the wall and causing injury or embarrassment. This allows Healthcare and Commercial facilities to have peace of mind about possible law suits.

BARIndustries predicted the obesity epidemic in 2003: "We at BARIndustries believe that obesity is soon to be the "Major Epidemic" in America and we are trying to help keep the "growing" public safe and risk free and "support" them the best way we know."

Wall mounted toilets are in nearly every public rest room in America. This is because regulations require the ability to clean the floors under the toilets. The problem is wall mounted toilets are only rated to hold 350 pounds before they break or pull out of the wall. With the epidemic rise in obesity in the United States (approx. 78M people) a huge liability arises for all building owners with wall mounted toilets. BARIndustries manufactures a solution to this liability.

Broken toiletWe manufacture the SK1000U (now called The Buttress - click for more) toilet support. It is a steel support which fits on 99.9% of the wall mounted toilets in use today. We haven’t found any that it doesn’t fit but there might be one. The SK1000U (now called The Buttress - click for more) comes with every piece and all the hardware necessary to install under a wall mounted toilet. It installs in about 20 minutes and does not require the toilet be removed from the wall.

No one wants this (pictured) to ever happen. Not the individual, the landlord or owner of the property. It is embarrassing to all concerned, possibly harmful to the individual and possibly costly to the owner of the property. We believe our SK1000U (now called The Buttress - click for more) solves this potential problem.